Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"I am Adrenaline!"

1. Name: I am Adrenaline! I'm also known as Epinephrine.

2. Formula: My formula is  C9H13NO3                       

3. Structure: Here are some pictures of my molecular structure!

4. Molar Mass: C 9x12.00+H 13x1.00+N 1x14.00+O  3x16.00= 183g/mol

5. Properties: Melting point: 211.5 deg C

Boiling point: 413.1 deg C

Density: 1.3 g/cm

Water Solubitliy: 180 g/mol

6. Description: white crystal powder

7. Uses: I can be used as a medicine or treatment. I am also a hormone release from the human body when shocked or frightened.

8. History: I was discovered in 1990 by a Japanese chemist Jokichi Takamine and his assistant Keizo

Uenaka. I am involved in the fight or flight response of the human body.  

9. Origin: I am a hormone release from the human body. I can also be used as medicine which is

injected into the human body.

10. Toxicity: If their is too much adrenaline in the body, then it can cause stress, heart failure, and

insomnia. Overall, adrenaline is not poisonous but too much can harm the body.

11. References:

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